Grand Final

Rock’n Pop the Borders Young Music Makers Award Concert starts at 17.30 on 9th of August 2014 (Saturday) at Rila Park by Dupnitsa town. The bands who are taking part within are:

Enkhaosment, Bulgaria.

TV Rage, Macedonia.

Chainsaw Babies, Bulgaria.

Bunch of Assholes, Bulgaria.

Problem Solved, Macedonia.

As Orchids Wither, Bulgaria.

Feast of Insanity, Bulgaria.

After Midnight, Bulgaria.

Revenge, Macedonia.

Paranormal, Bulgaria.

The access is free.  The Concert is organized by Partners Dupnitsa Association and Regional Center for sustainable development – Kratovo within the same named project, co-founded by EU through IPA Cross – Border Programme Bulgaria – FYRoM.  

The songs’ order of performance is to be set on technical conference that is to be held earlier on the same day. Besides the original competing song, each one of participating bands is to be able to perform one to two more own original songs within 12 minutes. The adjudicators are to evaluate the competing song only. The winner, pointed by the adjudicators’ vote, is to have the opportunity to shoot a video after its song. The second ranked is to be able to record professional sound record of its song and the third – is to take the award by one of the show media partners – TV Zapad. One of participating groups is to be awarded by the Mayor of Dupnitsa Municipality.

Show performer is to be the singer Yoanna Dragneva - the Bulgarian finalist in Eurovision 2008.

Till the adjudicators are voting, the audience is to be entertained by Fireball Band performance.

On 10th of August – Sunday – at 19.00 – at the Park Rila Stage, access free again, a gig of Simeon Ivanov – Kango, Macedonian rock musician and adjudicator, together with Foretold Dead, Darker than Black, Voltage и Enkhaosment bands of Rock Academy – Dupnitsa is to take place. The idea about this event was Kango’s and the boys and girls of the Rock Academy take the opportunity with pleasure so to show what they do and can in rock music.

Rock Academy – Dupnitsa is an informal center supporting young and talented rock musicians from Dupnitsa and the county that has been developing and managing by Partners Dupnitsa Association for 8 years yet. A lot of young bands have been trained there as some of them had their own original songs within issued by the Academy two LPs. Namely this training center experience is the reason for developing and implementing the Rock’n Pop the Borders format by Partners Dupnitsa Association and Regional Center for sustainable development – Kratovo through the support of IPA Cross – Border Programme Bulgaria – FYRoM.