Loud Rock’n Pop echo into Macedonian media!

Rock’n Pop the Borders 2007CB16IPO007-2012-3-005 project was promoted by the project management team on 7 May 2014 in Kratovo, Republic of Macedonia. Borjancho Micevski and Yasmina Davitkovska, members by Regional center for sustainable development in the management team, told to TV Protel (Probishtip), TV Cite 2 (Kratovo), MIA, Dnevnik and Aberdzhija newspapers about the objectives, main activities and expected results of the initiative. Rock’n Pop the Borders 2007CB16IPO007-2012-3-005 project is implemented jointly by Partners Dupnitsa Association and Regional center for sustainable development in Kratovo with the support of IPA Cross – Border Programme CCI Number 2007CB16IPO007. The Project management team’s action plan provides start up press conference for the media by both border sides. Project promotion for Bulgaria was on 17 April 2014.
The start of the competition for young creators of rock and pop songs by both partners countries, planned for 12 may this year, has attracted the interest of more than 10 specialized, local and national media in Republic of Macedonia. Yasmina Davitkovska guested at a morning show in Macedonian National Radio. The project leader – Georgi Iliev – comments for rocknpoptheborders.com: ‘I do hope this support we have been given and – I believe – will be given to us by our friend from all Macedonian media will do help us to rock’n pop the borders finding the most talented and motivated young bands from both friend countries’.  See the links below:

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