Participation Rules


I. To participate into the Competition you must:
1. Be Bulgarian or Macedonian rock or pop band.
2. Be 13 to 25 years old – each band member.
3. Present your original song.
4. All registered songs must meet the following requirements:

  • The song must not be longer than 5 minutes; 
  • The song must not be awarded in other competitions; 
  • The song must be an original product of the band participating in the Competition; 
  • The song must meet the Competition genre format – rock and pop;
  • The song must not contain obscene, provocative, discriminative or in other way inappropriate connotations.

5. A member of a group must register the group and the song via the registration form available on:
6. The registering member must fill up all required by the form information and to upload all required applications, including – a song file.
7. Every band is allowed to ask the Promoters for assistance under registration form filling up upon technical issues being aroused during the process of individual registration as the band shall contact them via e-mail: or not later than 12.00 pm on 11.06.2014.
8. The participants must read carefully and accept these Participation Rules so to register their participation (see the link below).

II. General conditions:
1. Running the Competition:

  • Registering the participants: from 00.00 am on 12.05.2014 to 12.00 pm on 12.06.2014;
  • Processing registration for Competition participation and uploading submitted works on the Competition web platform: from 13.06.2014 to 15.06.2014, including.
  • Online audience voting and ranking the first ten songs in the time from 00.00 am on 16.06.2014 to 12.00 pm on 16.07.2014; 
  • Publishing the audience voting results: up to 12.00 pm on 17.07.2014
  • Publishing the results of adjudicators voting for songs uploaded: to 12.00 pm on 20.07.2014;
  • Publishing the final ranking by online voting: to 12.00 pm on 21.07.2014.
  • Concert of the first 10 participants whose songs have been selected by online voting: on 09.08.2014.
  • The Adjudicators briefing where the Competition winners shall be announced – on 09.08.2014.

2. Registration forms and supporting materials to them, received for participation in the Competition, shall be processed by the Promoters and published on: where they shall be available for voting by the audience.
3 Online voting shall be done on the Internet on the web address: where each song shall be available throughout an individual publication.
4. Upon online voting it shall be allowed only one vote from one IP address.
5. The manner of ranking upon online voting and Adjudicators selection criteria are explained in detail in sections 10 and 11 of Participation Rules which you can find by a link below. There is individual publication about Adjudicators selection criteria on:
6. Three awards shall be awarded in the Competition – as follows:
First award – professional video clip
Second award – single professional record
Third award – a diploma and non-monetary reward.

7.Winners names shall be published on the project web site.

8. You can ask and comment with the Competition promoters on: