We are coming! Voltage band, Dupnitsa Bulgaria

VOLTAGEVoltage is an young trash metal band established on 28 February 2011 in Dupnitsa town. The band has 16 original songs but also it makes covers of famous bands as Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Pantera, etc. The band experienced a lot of appearances. We have been participated in Pop Rock Fest – Nessebar, S’cool rock fest – Plovdiv, Rock It Marathon, Let’s rock it – Dobrich, Coco Rock Fest – Kurdzhali, where we have won second award and Long Intersession 4 – where we have got special award – producing and recording a song and clip. In December 2013 we signed with Dark Arts Ltd for single record application disseminated with December’s Terrorizer Magazine issue.

The band is in membership of:
• Borislav Zahariev – guitar/vocal, 19.
• Miroslav Zakhariev – drums, 17.
• Kiril Petrov – bass/vocal, 17.
• Georgi Alexov – guitar,17.

You can watch and listen to all we do on: http://voltageband.esy.es/. We are proud with our songs you can listen to here.

At Rock’n Pop the Borders we have presented our absolutely fresh We are coming! – music, lyrics and arengement – Voltage.

Total votes received: 208

Appetence for Life, Mneme band, Sofia, Bulgaria


MNEMEMneme is a Death / Thrash / Progressive Metal band from Sofia, established in 2011. They definitely haven’t lost their time since then as regarding their playing skills improving, as well regarding original songs making so up to now they would be able to talk up about nine own original songs, seven of them – recorded: God Can’t Save You, Sinking into Dark, Sky Is Gray, Closure Of The Gates Of Hell, etc.
Regarding appearances the band is very active too as they have experienced a lot of concerts, competitions, fests as Long intersession 4, The Rock Power 3, Coco Rock Fest- Kurdzhali, ON!Fest…
You can watch and listen to us on: https://www.facebook.com/MnemeBand. We are proud with our songs you can listen to here.

Extremely cute and while hard musicians’ band in membership of:
• Hristo Boyadzhiev (16 ) Vocals/Guitar
• Bozhko Bozhkov (18) Vocals/Guitar
• Yavor Semkov (16 ) Bass/Vocals
• Yoan Nikolov (16 ) Drums

At Rock’n Pop the Borders we have presented our new song – Appetence for Life.
Music of Bozhko Bozhkov, lyrics – of Yavor Semkov and Hristo Boyadzhiev, and arrangement of Bozhko Bozhkov, Hristo Boyadzhiev and Yoan Nikolov.

Total votes received: 194

Първата/The first one, Lopatraka band, Montana, Bulgaria

LOPATARKAWe are Lopatarka band from Montana, Bulgaria. We have been together for 5 years and we play only original, sung in Bulgarian, music with exception of 2 covers – ‘You are beautiful, my forest’ and ‘A pipe is playing’. We are playing interesting rock music where you can find a lot of folklore influence. In 2013 we won the Best Original Song Award at international competition Let’s rock it in Dobrich for the song ‘He wants her, she won’t’. 

In Lopatarka we are:

• Roberta – Dimanna Aleva, 21- vocal, keyboards
• Georgi Dimitrov, 21 – guitar
• Rossen Petrov, 21 – bass guitar
• Martin Sredkov, 23 – drums
You can watch and listen to all we do on: https://www.facebook.com/Lopatarka?ref=br_tf. We are proud with our songs you can listen to here.

At Rock’n Pop the Borders competition we have performed our new original song „The first one”. The lyrics of Roberta-Dimanna Aleva and music of Roberta – Dimanna Aleva, Rossen Petrov, Georgi Dimitrov and Martin Sredkov.

Total votes received: 222

Electrify, Simai band, Sofia, Bulgaria

SIMAISimai was established on 12 February 2013. We would characterize ourselves as Rapcore/Nu-metal band. We often do performances at Sofia and Plovdiv. We lay stress on original music creating. At concerts we play also covers of Limp Bizkit, Soulfly, Korn, P.O.D., Hed PE. We have been given 2nd place at Golyamo mezhduchasie 5/Big Break 5 Competition for our Crhyme song. We are preparing LP thought to be 11 original songs contented. You can listen to our live performances on our Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/simai-band and on Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXkS2bAnVMTHR1AjxwbKElw

In the band are:
• Andrey Androv (18) – Bass
• Alexander Miladinov (18) – Guitar
• Georgi Chuchukov (16) – Drums
• Kalofer Mikhov (18) – Vocals
• Genadi Mikhov (19) – Guitar/ Vocals

You can watch and listen to all we do on: https://www.facebook.com/simaiband. We are proud with our songs you can listen to here.

At Rock’n Pop the Borders we have presented Electrify – music, lyrics and arrangement – Simai.


Total votes received: 256

Гласот на мојата душа/ The voice of my soul, Vizia band, Skopje, Macedonia

Vizija-BandVIZIA is a Macedonian rock band established in November 2014 in Skopje. The music we make springs from the rock, mixing in various styles, so it results in the style of Vizia.
Vizia’s first appearance was at T’k – tak fest 2012 in Kavaradartsi, in memoriam of Macedonian rock legend – Trayko Karov, where the band was awarded and thereon – the band was performed at the prestigious Taxsirat – Skopje. Our first appearance abroad was on 1 June 2013 at Skladishte Fest, Krushchik, Serbia and some days later – Vizia was performed at Revelation concert of T’k – tak fest in Kavaradrtsi. Our greatest success was our performance during the Zaecharska Guitariada in August 2013 where we was the only Macedonian band amongst the best 12 Balkan rock band who played for 30 000 audience.
In the list of our performances we should mention our performances at Kochani in May 2013, MKC – 50 years of Rock’n’ roll in Macedonia, Pivoland 2013, Culture Summer Karposh 2013…. The band was selected for one of the best Balkan bands in 2013 by the American WMBR radio, as to Vizia was written on British Emerging Indie Bands site where we were charted as the best band of February.

You can watch and listen all we do on http://www.facebook.com/VizijaMK. We are proud with our songs you can listen to here.

In the band are:
• Marko Dzambazoski (Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals)
• Marko Gapo (Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar)
• Liljana Jankova (Bass / Backing vocals)
• Siniša Gjorgjević (drums)

At Rock’n Pop the Borders we have presented- Гласот на мојата душа / The voice of my soul.
Music: Marko Dzambazos ki, Marko Gapo , Liljana Jankova , Siniša Gjorgjević
Lyrics: Marko Dzambazoski
Arangement: Marko Dzambazoski, Marko Gapo , Liljana Jankova , Siniša Gjorgjević

Total votes received: 285


Изгубен/ Lost, Angus&Kevin band, Sofia, Bulgaria

ANGUS_KEVINAt the beginning, Angus&Kevin was a duet of Stoyan (Angus) Peykov and Kevin Dramaliev. In a while, because there were no options for concert performances, two new members were joined to the band: Dimitar Komandarev – bass guitar and Atanas Georgiev – drums. Our style verges to heavy metal/hard rock styles.

In the band are:

Angus Peykov – Guitar, Singer,15

Dimitar Komandarev – Bass Guitar,15

Kevin Dramaliev – Guitar,14

Atanas Georgiev – Drums,15

You can watch and listen to all we do on: https://www.facebook.com/pages/AngusKevin/499769233435830.  We are proud with our songs you can listen to here.

At Rock,n pop the Border we have presented our song Izguben/ Lost
Music, lyrics and arrangement: Angus&Kevin

Total votes received: 262

For The Win, ENKHAOSMENT band, Dupnitsa, Bulgaria

ENKHAOSMENTThe band was established in February 2013. They appeared with covers but soon they moved on original music making and playing. Thus, the Enkhaosment  project has started and has been running successfully forward.

They define their music as a mix of various styles of metal – trash, death, groove and heavy. The band is inspired by the greatest performers at the world’s stage:  Kreator, Pantera, Sodom, Slayer and Machine Head.

The band’s mission is to show their compatriots that in Bulgaria making good and qualitative music is possible. For the year the young band has been existing, they have succeeded to appear at a number of concerts throughout the country, as well to be a part of the fests and competitions as Give me Rock, Guitariada, The Long Intermission 5  


  • Kalin Smolichki, 19 – bass guitar and vocals
  • Vassko Peyanin, 19  – rhythm guitar
  • Theodor Vassilev, 17  - solo guitar
  • Alex Andonov, 17 – drums

 The songs we are proud of, you can listen to here.

At Rock’n pop the Borders we have presented the song ‘For The Win’

Music and lyrics: Kalin Smolichki


Total votes received: 850


Airstrike, ‘Bunch Of Assholes’ band, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

BOAThe band was established in April 2013 in Plovdiv. They play alternative/punk rock. They have songs you must listen to

You can watch and listen what B.O.A do on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BunchOfAssholesBand


In the Bunch Of Assholes are:
* Daniel Varadinov – first guitar (18)
* Nikola Starshanov – bass guitar (17)
* Momchil Kalchev – vocals and second guitar (17)
* Ediz Redzhepov – drums (18)

At Rock’n Pop the Borders has been presented their original song ‘Airstrike’
Music and lyrics: Daniel Varadinov
Arrangement: Bunch Of Assholes

Total votes received: 690


Ride, ‘Plug In’ band, Skopje/Bitola, Macedonia

dsidaThe band was established in November, last year. During the last six months we have been appearing at the most of Skopje stages. In the band are: Konstantina Bogoevska – vocal (20, Bitola), Goran Petrovski – violin and back vocal (20, Bitola), Milosh Popovski – guitar (21, Skopje), Hristian Raykovski – bass guitar (19, Skopje) and Sinisha Dzhordzhevich – drums (20, Skopje). Distinctively of ‘Plug In’ is a violin involvement within performance which is seldom for rock bands. All band’s members are students in Music Arts Faculty in Skopje where their tale has begun.

You can find us on: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Plug-In/1442425276002167

‘Ride’ is our first original song.

Music: Milosh Popovski

Lyrics: Konstantina Bogoevska

Arangement: Goran Petrovski

Total votes received: 333

Cannot Heal, ‚Power Enslave’ band, Rousse, Bulgaria

PE_fonThe band was established in the winter of 2012 by Kaloyan (16, vocal and guitar) and Momchil (15, drums) Itovs + Roumen (15, bass guitar and vocals) and Daniel (16, guitar) Neykovs.  We are special with the fact we are 2 siblings’ couples, we we’ve known each other since we were born and that pulls us more together as musicians.  The band’s membership hasn’t been changed. The band has made 5 original own songs so far. We have played at two festivals in Rousse. We have passed through the most of Rousse clubs and we are eager to appear in another town.  You can listen our original songs on: https://soundcloud.com/kaloyan-itov/enslaved/s-uZjm6

At the Rock’n Pop the Borders we have presented our new original song ‘Cannot Heal’.

The music, lyrics and the arrangement are of ‘Power Enslave’.

Total votes received: 271

Bury me, ‘Sunday’ band, Sofia, Bulgaria


’Sunday’ band was established in the beginning of March, 2012. The band registered participation in Rock’n Pop the Borders on 4th of June 2014 in membership of:  Aysel Karadaya, 18 – vocal; Zdravko Krustev,18 -  guitars; Hristo Kenarov,19 – drums and Vassko Andreev,17 – bass.

At the online contest they performed the song ‘Bury me’ with lyrics and music by Aysel Karadaya and arrangement by the band. The song was supported by totally 174 votes in audience online voting between 16 June and 16 July 2014.

You do not have access to the Sunday’s song ‘Bury me’. It was removed by the Rock’n Pop the Borders online platform on 30 July 2014 after demand by Aysel Karakaya – the author of song’s lyrics and music.
Moved by the wish this platform to be a stage only for young authors who sincerely want to be at it, the Rock’n Pop the Borders’ promoters satisfied the Sunday’s request and wish them success. 



The Unsung, ‘Feast of Insanity’ band, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

FEAST OF INSANITYThe band was formed on 07.03.2013 although the idea about it had sprung out 2-3 months earlier. The band was established by Lyuboslav Arabadzhiev (guitar) and Yordan Velkov (bass). Both decided to offer to Georgi Markov (guitar) to join to the project and he was glad to accept. Later, the boys heard about their acquaintance who played drums and decided to make an audition of him. For a pity, they were not able to work together and the searching was carried on.  In this period they found their first vocal – Hristo Dachev, but the things ran in such way so it didn’t work with him too. After a long searching, the drums was played by Ediz Redzhepov and Vassilee Atanasov was band’s front man. A few months after the band was in full membership the first appearance was come. At this time it happened Vassilee had health issues and wasn’t able to appear at the concert. The band asked Giorgio Saputelli and he accepted with reluctance to replace Vassilee at band’s first performance as later he officially joined to the band. Not later since then the band started hard working on its original music but found something was insufficient at this end. Thus the decided to take apart with the drummer and to replace him with a new one – Vladimir Voloshtuk. ‘Feast of Insanity define their style as a metal core with death core elements. For the moment they still experimenting and searching for the ideal sound that to suits them. They wish to sound ‘harder’ and – simultaneously – to be distinctive of that what can be heard every day.

In ‘Feast of Insanity’ are:

  • Georgi Marinov, 16, guitar
  • Lyuboslav Arabadzhiev, 15,guitar
  • Yordan Velkov, 15, bass
  • Giorgio Saputelli, 21, vocal
  • Vladimir Voloshtuk, 15, drums

They are proud with their songs:

„Sanctimonious” ( Lyuboslav Arabadzhiev, Georgi Marinov and Yordan Velkov, Giorgio Saputelli, Feast of Insanity band); „Psychology of Burning„ (Lyuboslav Arabadzhiev and Georgi Marinov, Giorgio Saputelli, Feast of Insanity band); „An Oath to the Forsaken” (Lyuboslav Arabadzhiev, Giorgio Saputelli, Feast of Insanity band); „Collapsing” (Lyuboslav Arabadzhiev, Giorgio Saputtelli, Feast of Insanityband)

 You can watch and contact to them on: https://www.facebook.com/FeastOfInsanity?ref=br_tf

At Rock’n Pop the Borders ‚Feast of Insanity’  they have presented ‘The Unsung‘.

Music: Lyuboslav Arabadzhiev, Vladimir Voloshtuk

Lyrics: Giorgio Saputtelli

Arrangement:  Feast of Insanity band

Total votes received: 417

Losing control, ‘After Midnight’ band, Asenovgrad/Plovdiv, Bulgaria

After-MidnightAfter Midnight is a bulgarian rock band, focused on making original songs and compositions. Founded in 2011, the band has evolved through numerous styles, developing their own sound with recognizable vocal lines and melodic guitars over a groove-oriented and steady rhythm. The band’s first LP “My Deepest Secret” was released on the 21st of February with a promo show in Plovdiv. The songs we are proud with are:  „Без Теб”, „Lets get it on”, „Move on”, „I need you”, „Wake me up” и „Now I fall”. You can watch some of them here

In the band are:

  • Dimitar Penchev – 21 – Drummer
  • Georgi Paunov – 25 – Vocal
  • Georgi Argirov – 25 – Bass
  • Georgi Kovachev – 24 – Guitar

Welcome on: https://bg-bg.facebook.com/AMBandOfficial

At Rock’n Pop the Borders we have presented ’Losing Control’.

Music, lyrics and arrangement: After Midnight

Total votes received: 311


Love Lies Bleeding (Amaranth), ‘As Orchids Wither’ band, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Orhids WitherWe are metal core band formed on 02.03.2014. We have made 4 gigs so far – one of which with death metal titans of Enthrallment and another - with Above Us The Waves from Greece!  We have published 2 original songs on the Internet which are part of our forthcoming 1st EP. It is to be followed of 2nd EP which is to be promoted at the end of this or at the beginning of the next year. We are very proud with our song ‘Perfection Of Tragedy’– music, lyrics and arrangement – the band. There we are:

  • Giorgio Saputelli 21 – vocals
  • Krum Draganov 20 – guitar
  • Vladimir Voloschuk 15 – guitar
  • Alexander Gyoshev 17 – bass
  • Stoyno Angelov 17 – drums

You can watch and contact us on: https://www.facebook.com/pages/As-Orchids-Wither/809643159061879

 At Rok’n Pop the Borders we have presented  our original song ‘Love Lies Bleeding (Amaranth)’.

Music, lyrics and arrangement: As Orchids Wither

Total votes received: 567

In Cold and Dark Days, Foretold Dead band, Dupnitsa, Bulgaria

Foretold DeadWhen Ivan Kralev and Georgi Georgiev left their first band, they were looking for a new one together with Antonio Kostadinov. At the same time, Velislav Kazakov and Blagovest Davidkov were also looking for a band and when they five met each other in July 2013 they decided to work together. A month later they started their rehearsals and soon after that – the band’s name was appeared – Foretold Dead:


  • Blagovest Davidkov  (16) –  Vocal
  • Georgi Georgiev (15) –  Guitars
  • Ivan Kralev  (17) – Guitars
  • Antonio Kostadinov (16) -Bass
  • Velislav Kazakov (17) – Drums

Except the competition song, the band has other original compositions as amongst them they love „Voids of Hell“ (music, lyrics and arrangement: Foretold Dead). You can find them on https://www.facebook.com/ForetoldDeadOfficial  or here.

At Rock’n Pop the Borders they have presented the song „In Cold and Dark Days“.

Music, lyrics and arrangement: Foretold Dead

Total votes received: 360


Filthy Rock’n'Roll, ‘Chainsaw Babies’ band, Velingrad, Bulgaria

Chainsaw BabiesChainsaw Babies is a rock band from Velingrad mainly making original music. The band was established at the beginning of 2014 and further with first rehearsals they create Filthy Rock’nRoll song. The band’s style has been strongly influenced by bands as AC/DC, Motorhead, Airbourne, Ramones, Bon Jovi и Aerosmith. The band is proud with their song ‘Fake‘(music – Kostadin Nikolov, Svetoslav Kepchelev; lyrics – Kostadin Nikolov, Georgi Kondev; arrangement – К. Nikolov, Stoyo Popov).

Chainsaw Babies are:

  • Kostadin Nikolov (20) – bass guitar
  • Georgi Kondev (17) –  vocal
  • Svetoslav Kepchelev (18) – guitar
  • Miroslav Nalbantov (20) –  guitar
  • Lazar Lazarov  (17) – drums

At Rock’n Pop the Borders they have presented their first original song ‘Filthy Rock’n'Roll’.

Music: Kostadin Nikolov, Svetoslav Kepchelev

Lyrics: Kostadin Nikolov

Arrangement: Kostadin Nikolov, Stoyo Popov


Total votes received: 513



Път към върха/ Way to the top, ‘Rebels’ band, Varshetz, Bulgaria

REBELSThe group was established on 05.03.2013 in Varshets. The group’s concept is they to be able to relax after long days at school and they also to have appearances in public. The initial membership has been set at school by Kalin Rangelov, Nikolay Ivanov, Pavlin Ivanov and Ivan Petrov. A month later the singer Nicoletta Dimitrova was join to. After 11 months group’s membership was changed as at the place of Ivan Petrov came Dimitar Toshev  - bass guitarist. Main style we play is rock / hard rock, but in a time we have fused within elements of heavy metal – example – “Pone za den/At least for a day” (music – Nikolay Ivanov and Pavlin Ivanov, lyrics – Nicoletta Dimitrova arrangement – Rebels)

Now, in the group are:

• Nikolay Ivanov – Rhythm Guitar – 17

• Pavlin Ivanov – Guitar Solo – 17

• Dimitar Toshev – Bass Guitar – 14

• Nicoletta Dimitrova – Vocal – 20

• Kalin Rangelov – 17

We can meet on: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rebels/173509862852686?ref=hl

In Rock’n Pop the Borders we have presented our song ‘Road to the top’.

Music: Nikolai Ivanov and Pavlin Ivanov

Text: Nicoletta Dimitrova

Arrangement: Rebels

Total votes received: 450


Blade of Greed, SLIX band, Sofia, Bulgaria

SLIXWe have been playing together since the summer of 2012 as in the present membership we have been since September of 2013. We strive on writing new original songs as we fuse genres we love so to set our specific style. We feel significant for us our songs: “2013″ –(music – Е. Vulkov; lyrics – Е. Vulkov; arrangement – Slix), “You won’t be there” (music – N. Purlev; lyrics – Alx. Mladenov), “Infinite” (music – N. Genadiev, lyrics – Alx. Mladenov), “Изгубен” (music, lyrics, arrangement – Slix). You can listen and watch all them here.

 In the band we are:

  • Alexander Mladenov, 20 – vocal
  • Emanuil Vulkov, 18 – solo guitar
  • Nikola Purlev, 18 – bass guitar
  • Nikolay Genadiev, 20 – rhythm guitar
  • Denis Stefanov, 15 – drums

We can meet on: http://www.facebook.com/slixband

At Rock’n Pop the Borders we have presented our song  ‘Blade of Greed’.

Music: Nikola Purlev

Lyrics: Alexander Mladenov

Arrangement: SLIX

Total votes received: 238


Revelations, ‘Panic Station’ band, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

PANIC STATIONPanic Station is a band established by Todor Lichev and Yoan Bakov in 2013. Soon after that, Ivan Marinov and  George Zemiarski were joined to the band. We appeared with our first concert at Stage 51(Plovdiv), after 6 month of rehearsals and writing original works, on 03.05.2014. The band’s concept is creating and performing the music we love but in Western and modern manner. After our first concert, in short time, we have had some appearances:

Charity Concert for Carrie – part I –  31.05.2014 – Live at Orpheus Open-air Cinema
Panic Station, Tchuk, Bunch Of Assholes 07.05.2014 – Live at Stage 51
Charity Concert for Carrie – part I III 08.06.2014 – Live at Tsar’s Stables

In June we are to have 2 more appearances(first one at Polinero Club Plovdiv  and another at  Rock Fest in Pernik, Bulgaria).Gladly, in short time we have attracted remarkable audience and keep making new songs( soon it will be ready our 4th original song  -  Ignite). For more – see here. In the band are:

  • Yoan Bakov – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar (16)
  • Todor Lichev – Bass/Backup Vocals/Lyrics (16)
  • George Zemiarski – Guitar (16)
  • Ivan Marinov – Drums (18)

We can meet on: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Panic-Station/365852526887631?sk=timeline

At Rock’n Pop the Borders we have presented the song ‘Revelations’.

Music: Todor Lichev, Yoan Bakov

Lyrics: Todor Lichev

Arrangement: Todor Lichev, Yoan Bakov

Total votes received: 436


Лоша навика/ Bad habit, ’Problem Solved’ band, Skopje, Macedonia

Problem-SolvedProblem Solved is a rock band established at the end of 2010 by Kosta Binov (vocal), Viktor Zakhariev (guitar) and Viktor Georgievski (keyboards). They are school band in the beginning but soon they start making own original songs. They have 6 original songs issued so far as 3 of them („Ќе преживеам/I’ll survive“, „Поведи ме/Take me“and here presented „Лоша навика/Bad habit“) some weeks were at radio chart heads all over the Macedonia. You can listen and watch some our songs here.  In the band are:

  • Kosta Binov (19) – vocal
  • Viktor Zakhariev (18) – guitar and back vocals
  • Viktor Georgievski (18) – keyboards
  •  Mario Ristovski (19) – bass
  • Theodor Teodosievski  (17) – drums

At Rock’n Pop the Borders „Problem Solved” they have presented their original song „Лошa навикa/Bad habit”

Music, lyrics and arrangement: Viktor Zakhariev

Total votes received: 557


In between the time, TV Rage band, Kumanovo, Macedonia

TV RageTV Rage is a rock’n'roll band from Kumanovo, Macedonia formed somewhere around October 2012. It is a trio which gained it’s current line up about a year ago. We have one EP released on the 5th of June 2013 on Napravi Zaedno/Kran Records. It includes 5 songs. We have about 20 gigs in our pocket, the last one being the opening act for the band Dog Eat Dog in Skopje. We are now working on the material for our first album, which is about half way done. The sound for our album has progressed more towards longer songs, noisy solos and song parts and more energetic riffs. You can listen to all we do here. That’s about all we have to say about us. Cheers!

In the band we are:

  • Damjan Popovski (19) – Bass Guitar
  • Predrag Mitic (19) – Lead Guitar & Vocals
  • Andzelo Macura (18) – Drums

At Rock’nPop the Borders we have presented our song ‘In between the time’.

Music, lyrics and arrangement – TV Rage.

Total votes received: 734 


The Power of Love, Marmalad Banda, Struga, Macedonia


MarmaladbandaMarmalad Banda is a Macedonian rock band from Struga, formed in 2012. In the band are:

  • Andrey Nicheski (16) – guitar, vocal.
  • Vlatko Zatarakoski(17) – keyboards, vocal.
  • Stefan Bogatinoski (17) – drums.
  • Hristiyan Cavkoski(20) – бас.

We can meet on: https://www.facebook.com/MarmaladBanda

At Rock’n Pop the Borders we have presented the song ‘The Power of Love’.

Music, lyrics and arrangement: Andrey Nicheski.

Total votes received: 433



Slippin’, Paranormal band, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

PARANORMAL3Paranormal started in early 2011 and with a few rehearsals began working ambitiously on original material. The band has made a couple of live appearances over the year and is ready for a long time of performances, dedication and mainly ass kicking!  You can watch our original songs we have done so far here  or meet us on: https://www.facebook.com/paranormalbg/timeline


In the band all we are at 17:

Kristian Nikolov – vocal, guitar

Anastas Anastasov – bass

 Hristian Koev – drums

At Rock’n Pop the Borders we have presented the song ‘Slippin’

Music: Paranormal/Alternative

Lyrics and arrangement: Kristian Nikolov

Total votes received: 213



Трошка Љубов/ A crumb of love, Polemique band, Kriva Palanka, Macedonia

polemiqueWe established the band 4 years ago, when we went into high school. We are from Kriva Palanka. We started playing at the high school and after that – at clubs and fests. In the band are: David Nunev (vocal), Daniel Maximovski (guitar), Peter Stoyanovski (keyboards) and Denie Hristovski (bass). All we are at 18. ‘Трошка Љубов/A crumb of love’ is our first original song.


Music: Peter Stoyanovski and Daniel Maximovski

Lyrics: Дейвид David Zekirov  

Arrangement: Darko Mitovski

Total votes received: 329

Не вели ми здраво /Don’t say me Hi, Revenge band, Krushevo, Macedonia

RevengeRevenge was established in 2011 in Krushevo in membership of four persons:

  • Velko Nikoloski (24) – guitar and vocal
  • Mikhaylo Kurteski (19) – bass
  • Tosho Lyutsa (22) – solo guitar
  • Blagoyche Neneski (22) – drums

The band has appearances at Krushevo clubs and numbers of festivals. They haven’t made original songs so far and it is their first one which they present to the audience.

The song title is ‘Не вели ми здраво/ Don’t say me Hi!’

Music, lyrics and arrangement:  Velko Nikoloski.

Total votes received: 488