Cannot Heal, ‚Power Enslave’ band, Rousse, Bulgaria

PE_fonThe band was established in the winter of 2012 by Kaloyan (16, vocal and guitar) and Momchil (15, drums) Itovs + Roumen (15, bass guitar and vocals) and Daniel (16, guitar) Neykovs.  We are special with the fact we are 2 siblings’ couples, we we’ve known each other since we were born and that pulls us more together as musicians.  The band’s membership hasn’t been changed. The band has made 5 original own songs so far. We have played at two festivals in Rousse. We have passed through the most of Rousse clubs and we are eager to appear in another town.  You can listen our original songs on:

At the Rock’n Pop the Borders we have presented our new original song ‘Cannot Heal’.

The music, lyrics and the arrangement are of ‘Power Enslave’.

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