Ride, ‘Plug In’ band, Skopje/Bitola, Macedonia

dsidaThe band was established in November, last year. During the last six months we have been appearing at the most of Skopje stages. In the band are: Konstantina Bogoevska – vocal (20, Bitola), Goran Petrovski – violin and back vocal (20, Bitola), Milosh Popovski – guitar (21, Skopje), Hristian Raykovski – bass guitar (19, Skopje) and Sinisha Dzhordzhevich – drums (20, Skopje). Distinctively of ‘Plug In’ is a violin involvement within performance which is seldom for rock bands. All band’s members are students in Music Arts Faculty in Skopje where their tale has begun.

You can find us on: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Plug-In/1442425276002167

‘Ride’ is our first original song.

Music: Milosh Popovski

Lyrics: Konstantina Bogoevska

Arangement: Goran Petrovski

Total votes received: 333