Blade of Greed, SLIX band, Sofia, Bulgaria

SLIXWe have been playing together since the summer of 2012 as in the present membership we have been since September of 2013. We strive on writing new original songs as we fuse genres we love so to set our specific style. We feel significant for us our songs: “2013″ –(music – Е. Vulkov; lyrics – Е. Vulkov; arrangement – Slix), “You won’t be there” (music – N. Purlev; lyrics – Alx. Mladenov), “Infinite” (music – N. Genadiev, lyrics – Alx. Mladenov), “Изгубен” (music, lyrics, arrangement – Slix). You can listen and watch all them here.

 In the band we are:

  • Alexander Mladenov, 20 – vocal
  • Emanuil Vulkov, 18 – solo guitar
  • Nikola Purlev, 18 – bass guitar
  • Nikolay Genadiev, 20 – rhythm guitar
  • Denis Stefanov, 15 – drums

We can meet on:

At Rock’n Pop the Borders we have presented our song  ‘Blade of Greed’.

Music: Nikola Purlev

Lyrics: Alexander Mladenov

Arrangement: SLIX

Total votes received: 238