Път към върха/ Way to the top, ‘Rebels’ band, Varshetz, Bulgaria

REBELSThe group was established on 05.03.2013 in Varshets. The group’s concept is they to be able to relax after long days at school and they also to have appearances in public. The initial membership has been set at school by Kalin Rangelov, Nikolay Ivanov, Pavlin Ivanov and Ivan Petrov. A month later the singer Nicoletta Dimitrova was join to. After 11 months group’s membership was changed as at the place of Ivan Petrov came Dimitar Toshev  - bass guitarist. Main style we play is rock / hard rock, but in a time we have fused within elements of heavy metal – example – “Pone za den/At least for a day” (music – Nikolay Ivanov and Pavlin Ivanov, lyrics – Nicoletta Dimitrova arrangement – Rebels)

Now, in the group are:

• Nikolay Ivanov – Rhythm Guitar – 17

• Pavlin Ivanov – Guitar Solo – 17

• Dimitar Toshev – Bass Guitar – 14

• Nicoletta Dimitrova – Vocal – 20

• Kalin Rangelov – 17

We can meet on: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rebels/173509862852686?ref=hl

In Rock’n Pop the Borders we have presented our song ‘Road to the top’.

Music: Nikolai Ivanov and Pavlin Ivanov

Text: Nicoletta Dimitrova

Arrangement: Rebels

Total votes received: 450