Filthy Rock’n'Roll, ‘Chainsaw Babies’ band, Velingrad, Bulgaria

Chainsaw BabiesChainsaw Babies is a rock band from Velingrad mainly making original music. The band was established at the beginning of 2014 and further with first rehearsals they create Filthy Rock’nRoll song. The band’s style has been strongly influenced by bands as AC/DC, Motorhead, Airbourne, Ramones, Bon Jovi и Aerosmith. The band is proud with their song ‘Fake‘(music – Kostadin Nikolov, Svetoslav Kepchelev; lyrics – Kostadin Nikolov, Georgi Kondev; arrangement – К. Nikolov, Stoyo Popov).

Chainsaw Babies are:

  • Kostadin Nikolov (20) – bass guitar
  • Georgi Kondev (17) –  vocal
  • Svetoslav Kepchelev (18) – guitar
  • Miroslav Nalbantov (20) –  guitar
  • Lazar Lazarov  (17) – drums

At Rock’n Pop the Borders they have presented their first original song ‘Filthy Rock’n'Roll’.

Music: Kostadin Nikolov, Svetoslav Kepchelev

Lyrics: Kostadin Nikolov

Arrangement: Kostadin Nikolov, Stoyo Popov


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