Лоша навика/ Bad habit, ’Problem Solved’ band, Skopje, Macedonia

Problem-SolvedProblem Solved is a rock band established at the end of 2010 by Kosta Binov (vocal), Viktor Zakhariev (guitar) and Viktor Georgievski (keyboards). They are school band in the beginning but soon they start making own original songs. They have 6 original songs issued so far as 3 of them („Ќе преживеам/I’ll survive“, „Поведи ме/Take me“and here presented „Лоша навика/Bad habit“) some weeks were at radio chart heads all over the Macedonia. You can listen and watch some our songs here.  In the band are:

  • Kosta Binov (19) – vocal
  • Viktor Zakhariev (18) – guitar and back vocals
  • Viktor Georgievski (18) – keyboards
  •  Mario Ristovski (19) – bass
  • Theodor Teodosievski  (17) – drums

At Rock’n Pop the Borders „Problem Solved” they have presented their original song „Лошa навикa/Bad habit”

Music, lyrics and arrangement: Viktor Zakhariev

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