Love Lies Bleeding (Amaranth), ‘As Orchids Wither’ band, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Orhids WitherWe are metal core band formed on 02.03.2014. We have made 4 gigs so far – one of which with death metal titans of Enthrallment and another - with Above Us The Waves from Greece!  We have published 2 original songs on the Internet which are part of our forthcoming 1st EP. It is to be followed of 2nd EP which is to be promoted at the end of this or at the beginning of the next year. We are very proud with our song ‘Perfection Of Tragedy’– music, lyrics and arrangement – the band. There we are:

  • Giorgio Saputelli 21 – vocals
  • Krum Draganov 20 – guitar
  • Vladimir Voloschuk 15 – guitar
  • Alexander Gyoshev 17 – bass
  • Stoyno Angelov 17 – drums

You can watch and contact us on:

 At Rok’n Pop the Borders we have presented  our original song ‘Love Lies Bleeding (Amaranth)’.

Music, lyrics and arrangement: As Orchids Wither

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