Rock’n Pop the Borders’ Audience

Rock’n Pop the Borders’ management team has made a study on 10% sample by the Rock’n Pop the Borders Young Music makers Award Concert’s audience. 50 respondents were asked by questionnaire with 8 questions (containing ‘choose-one’ answers).  

The main conclusions by the survey are:

1. The women are the majority amongst the audience of the Concert (green – women, red – men): 

Разпределение на публиката по пол

 2. The young people aged 13 to 25 are the most inspired fans of the rock music presented at the Concert ( red – under 13, green – 13-25; blue – 25 – 35; yellow – 35-45, pink – 45-55; light blue – 55 – 65; deep yellow – over 65): 

Ratio by age

3. Studying and working young people are the audience of events like “Rock’n Pop the Borders Young Music Makers Award”(red – studing; green – employed; blue – selfempoyed/undertakers; yellow – retired or unempoyed.)

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4. Friends were essential part of the event audience. It can be explained with the participants’ age and the format what the participants were involved. Despite the fact, we are able to say the largest audience’s share is not personally connected in any way with the event participants:( green – related; red – no relation):

Ratio by relation with performers

 5. Internet (especially social media and friendships within) was the information tool for the largest part of the audience. The info sites, including project platform, as well the event’s posters, were the other ‘information sources’ for the audience (red – social nets friendships; green – info sites; dark blue – project platform; yellow – TV and radio; purpule – posters for event):

By source of information

 6. The Rock’n Pop Young Music Makers Award Concert’s audience was local in a large part – from Dupnitsa or the county. The guests from the country or the neighbor Macedonia were minority. Within the context of residence shares, the Bulgaria audience is a second by number after the local audience so there is a significant reserve for the future:

 (red – from Dupnitsa, green – from District of Kystendil; blue – from Bulgaria, yellow – abroad)By residence

 7. The audience is ready to buy a ticket for such event. Only 14% by asked people were negative in the response to the question: ‘Would you buy a ticket for such event?’ (Question 7 by questionnaire). The largest share of people who declared readiness to buy a ticket would pay up to 5 levs (around 2.5 euro, as in 13% by the filled questionnaires were pointed 3 levs – around 1.5 euro). In relatively equal shares the other respondents preferred the cost to be up to 10 levs or over it (around 5.5 euro).  It strikes that over 90% by friends who come to the gig are ready to pay so to watch and listen to their favorites in competition with other bands.

(red – to 5 lv.; green – to 10 lv.; blue – over 10lv.)

By ticket costThis survey has been made with devoted assistance of Elissaveta Zareva, a member of Partners Dupnitsa Association young team. The survey’s purpose was to show the audience profile within the context prolonging it in the future. The project performers – Partners Dupnitsa Association and Regional Center for Sustainable Development – Kratovo kindly ask everyone who use and quotes the survey data for feedback through e-mail contacts within contact section on the site.   

Rock’n Pop the Borders 2007CB16IPO007-2012-3-005 project is co-funded by the EU through IPA Cross Border Programme Bulgaria – FYRoM.