Rock’n Pop the Borders has a future like an international competition for youth original rock song

Rock’n Pop the Borders has a future like an international festival for youth original rock songs on the Balkans. It is the opinion of all more than 30 participants in the Workshop for setting a Framework for sustainable management of the format held on 10 August 2014 in Dupnitsa town. At the Workshop musical producers, festival selectors and promoters, representatives of NGOs and local authorities from the municipalities Dupnitsa, Kratovo and Kumanovo, business organizations, participants in Young Music Makers Award Concert form Bulgaria and Macedonia were participated. This future has to be guarantee through active involvement of local authorities and business, especially – the tourism one, from the municipalities where the partners are active. The participants though the format established has to be focused on youth original rock music as a maximum of styles diversity has to be chased, the competition programme has to be extended over three days and it has to be more dynamic contact between young authors and the professionals involved in adjudicating process. All ideas which the participants into the Workshop have exchanged amongst themselves have enlisted into the ‘Framework for management and maintenance of Rock’n Pop the Borders Young Music Makers Award’.

The Workshop was followed by a meeting of young musicians in Rock Academy Dupnitsa (Enkhaosment, Voltage, Foretold Dead and Darker than Black bands) and Macedonian adjudicators – Kango and Sashko Kostov. At the meeting were involved members of Macedonian bands – finalist in the competition – Problem Solved and TV Rage.

They all together performed an unforgettable three hour gig for Dupnitsa audience at the Big Rila Park Open Stage.